What's more, it was on the driver's side of the windshield" (this clearly shows in the Betzner photograph,) What does this possibly mean ? The title of this DVD is "313" as in zapruder film frame number 313 and there's very little analysis of that record! If we look at frame 312, the last frame before the head shot, we see that his head is tilted slightly to his left and slightly forward toward Jacqueline. Newcomb has in his book a photo of medical personnel wheeling a plain looking coffin out the back entrance of Parkland Hospital. Notice that this still maintains that the fatal shot came from the rear. There exists in the National Archives {but not the Warren Commission files} a statement made by Kellerman to the FBI that president Kennedy said "my God, I'm hit." Within weeks "The Reporters" was no longer on the air. This frame shows the Presidents head exploding after being hit by the bullet. a thousand-word footnote in his 1980 book, Best "Link to Betzners official statement: http://www.jfk-online.com/betzner.html Source: taped interview with Fred Newcomb. II, pp 138-139 of the Warre Commission Report Volumes: "I jumped from the car realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. The following persons departed Love Field in Secret Service Follow-up car, 679 X and were located in and on running boards of car as follows: ATSAIC Emory P. Roberts -- front seat -- operating radio. Two days later when Oswald was being shifted to a county jail he was murder by a local night club owner named Jack Ruby. This apparent doctoring of the original Zapruder frame has caused many unobservant people to think that the gun is merely a "reflection" off the top of Kellerman's head-as if a man with a full head of dark hair reflects sunlight off his hair! telling us that the whole front-top of JFKs head gets blasted away! ]. The Zapruder Film. The direction of the bullet reversed when he was at Bethesda Naval Hospital getting the "official autopsy. Two are still laying on the ground taking cover and looking in that direction. wound described by eyewitnesses and the doctors that treated JFK in, We can see the problem just Indeed, it those frames.) I even have a special section of "additional confirmations" coroborating the fact that Greer did, in fact, shoot Kennedy. 12:31:02 - FBI Division 5 Team shooter Emilio Santana fires one shot from the Dal-Tex building striking Connally in the back. Concentration Camps | FEMA | Aliens Are Coming! There are innumerable conspiracy theories surrounding President Kennedys assassination. First posted on August 8, 2007, [Be sure to review the cropped and enlarged Zapruder still fames at the bottom of this article to confirm the phtographic evidence that Secret Service limo driver William Greer -alone- killed JFK at 12:30PM on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza.Ken Adachi]. When followed back to its source suggests the origin Archived: https://archive.is/WI1Vb Your email address will not be published. Update Dec. 1, 2007: I came upon a YouTube.com video that shows the Secret Service men that were following immediately behind JFK's limo pull back and stand down. (Jan. 15, 2007) that, for more than two decades, was so incredible that it was not given much [Larry Ed. The shot was fired from the TSBD at 325 to impact at 328 and Zapruder blurred his film at 331, 6 frames later just as he had for the previous shot from the TSBD fired at 221 with an accompanying blur at 227, 6 frames later. We would talk and she would give me eventually all 154 pages of the Torbitt Document that her daughter was copying for me on a office copy machine. And it was Michael's wife, Ruth Paine, who got Oswald his job at the Texas Book Depository, the site already chosen because it would be on the motorcade route where Oswald would be working and where he would be arrested and accused. Friday, November 22nd: Zapruder's home movie of the assassination was developed at the Kodak Plant in Dallas. What a coincidence. Seymour is a known Oswald look alike. 1846.2005 I just read a story about that and went looking for the film on youtube with it. They stood next to the doctors trying to save JFK's life, telling them "what happened." sense at all! Just as I reached it, there was another sound. You can see from the Zapruder film that Roberts' Secret Service car was following immediately behind JFK's limo (perhaps 3 - 5 feet) at the time of the shooting and certainly not 25 feet behind the limo as stated by Roberts in his official report. Dornberger hired Michael Piane, an engineering designer and with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). (statement made to press but not to Warren Commission) He was challenged by Newcomb on the phone and he then said "I must have smelled it coming down from the book depository" This most likely was a distraction [diversion] shot. After Kennedy's body was in the ceremonial coffin, Greer and Kellerman asked for and got some time of privacy with everyone else out of the room. Heres the clearest view yet, a new motion-stabilized and panoramic version of the Zapruder film. Assassination of John F. Kennedy Encyclopedia Britannica JFK Assassination : The Zapruder Film - Frames 313, 314, 315 vengencefrom1979 22.9K subscribers 79K views 12 years ago zapruder film -. Feynman found that JFKs - 40th Anniv. Pull back?" Jean Hill saw what happened too. I want to publicly thank the fellow who sent me the DVD and the link to the Larry Jamison's article seen below..Ken], by Larry Jamison the position of JFKs head compared to fixed parts of the limousine (like the William Greer, the driver of JFK's limousine, and Roy Kellerman, the Secret Service agent who was in the front passenger seat, controlled everything that happened at Parkland Hospital in Dallas while the presidents body was there. (Link). From Draw your own conclusions. The most impressive video of the three is narrated by Bill Cooper himself. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/Gatekeeper-Jim-Marrs-Uses-Jeff-Rense-to-Maintain-Cover-Up-of-Secret-Service-Role-in-JFK-Assassination14jul09.shtml#top, Former CIA Man Latest To Connect LBJ To JFK Assassination The film had been altered enough to hide the actions of Greer although the gun had apparently been etched or bleached into a highlight, according to Newcomb, to make us think it was just a reflection from the top of Roy Kellermans head, the other Secret Service Agent who was the front seat passenger. I re-arranged some of the paragraphs and photos from Larry's original article to make the data flow more evenly. The hole in Kennedy's back just below the shoulder ws not reported in Dallas. What really matters in understanding all of this is that the president's body was a roadmap to what really happened and that the wound alteration DID TAKE PLACE, to create a body with rear entrance wounds that agrees with a Warren Commission report not even written yet. Tiny url: https://tinyurl.com/ydgr39qp frames, published by the U.S. Government, to Nobel-prize-winning physicist Evidence, he argued that this tells us that the His hundred-page Thoughout the years she noted white vans parked near her house. Modern tech creates clearest view yet of JFK assassination [VIDEO]. du msg id 3403 Account. I can clearly remember my disbelief that one person with a gun could completely change the course of history. no one has said a dam thing since you posted this, they see fakery and dont even call it . Chief Dallas homicide investigator Will Fritz got 3 calls from President Johnson telling hime to "back off the investigation because National Security is involved. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/jimmarrsgatekeeper31may10.shtml, Gatekeeper Jim Marrs Uses Jeff Rense to Maintain Cover-Up of Secret Service Role in JFK Assassination (July 14, 2009) SA Donald Lawton of 8 am-4 pm shift remained at Love Field with SA Warner and Rybka to set up security for the President's departure for Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas. For new readers, let me just say that my original letter to the editor was written before I had met Mr. Newcomb. The Dallas coroner at one point wanted to open the ceremonial coffin to do a autopsy in Dallas. Zapruder film has been substantially altered, if not completely forged. There is a new book entitled "Mortal Error" by Bonar Menninger which promotes the idea that SS agent Hickey in the follow-up car accidently discharged his AR-16 killing the President. In a recorded interview in 2011 by Peter Janney, Bruglioni agreed with the eyewitnesses (and Zapruder's partner Erwin Schwartz) that the frame 313 in the Zapruder film was not what he had seen. 6. On January 29, 1992, I succeeded in getting a letter to the editor published in the San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune with the headline "Zapruder Film Shows the Ugly truth about Dallas". The film shot by him, which later became famous as Zapruder Fim, contains 486 frames (26.6 seconds) of which 343 frames (18.7 seconds) show the Presidents limousine. The most well-known of those is a 26-second clip captured by Abraham Zapruder, a businessman who worked across the street from where Kennedy was killed. This led the U.S. House of Representatives to create a new Select Committee to Soon after The Reporters tabloid TV program aired "Dallas Revisited," they were taken off the air. This was simultaneous with the March 17, 1992 Globe article. Seth/Jane Roberts | Power of Thought | Spiritualism | Hope | Healing Thought Forms | Vanquish Fear |Prevent Alien/Demon Attacks | Rockefeller File | War a Racket Could his Even though Frame 313 is blurred, Feynman was able to measure This would explain why one of the first orders of President Johnson was to have Congress man Henry Gonzales (now diseased) take Gov. His statement was that President said "'my God, I'm hit,' and then reaches around and grabs his back." A driver. And one can see why because the words of one rejecting publisher was tha t "it is mind shattering." I later confirmed the chopper sighting with Amy. A man who belonged to the San Luis Obispo Public Awareness group, had shown me his copy of the video "Dallas Revisited - The Truth Betrayed," which had been produced right in this county by South Bay Video Productions for Lars Hanson, who narrated the film and some local researchers. Among many startling revelations in the book, Bill Cooper said that the Secret Service agent driving JFK's limo, William Greer, could be seen in the unedited Zapruder film placing a light colored (silvery or light grey) .45 caliber-looking automatic on his right shoulder, turning his head around, and shooting JFK in the right forehead area which blew a huge gaping hole out the right rear of Kennedy's head. 12:35 p.m. - A teletype message about the assassination to cabinet members on a military plane enroute to Japan cant be verified because a needed code book is not on board. In frame 313 of the Zapruder film (which captures the exact moment of the head shot) you can see a trail of brain matter following the In 2001, scientists used This time the ad ran but only for 4 weeks. It does not take into account the entry hole is above Kennedy's right ear. This is a good example of damage control because it was here, at South Bay Video Productions, that Lars Hansson and crew made that film. Immediately before Oswald was arrested, the FBI questioned Greer and Kellerman as suspects. Crossfire was provided both to ensure the death of the president and to confuse future researchers. He was also a member of several influential Dallas County political bodies. What does this mean? Just after 40 minutes of Kennedy assassination, Oswald was arrested for the shooting murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, on a Dallas street. Most JFK researchers have seen Zapruder frame 313 where it shows a headshot to JFK's right temple area from an Assassin. There exists in the National Archives (but not the Warren Commission files) a statement made by Kellerman to the FBI that President Kennedy said "my God, I'm hit," and he says that the President reaches around and grabs his back. It is my opinion that a cover-up plan was hurriedly hatched on the fly that day. We now know from statements provided by Jean Hill, Mary Moorman, and others, that JFK's limo came to a COMPLETE STOP at the moment that Greer shot Kennedy and even though we know the Zapruder film was doctored and has missing frames, we still get the image from the doctored Zapruder film that the car had slowed down to a crawl, otherwise SA Clint Hill (photo right) would not have been able to lift his left foot onto the rear of the limo and hoist himself aboard if the car was moving at 20 - 25 miles per hour at the time of the shooting (as claimed by SAIC Emory Roberts). I created this flow chart based upon the Torbitt Document, which is a researchers tool written by a Dallas attorney under a pseudonym, William Torbitt, who got his info from two government agents who defected and had to remain anonymous to protect their lives. Please comment and give your feedback as it helps me in writing better content for my readers. [Update Oct 23, 2010. (are they trying to drop some hints about the upcoming release of CIA documents? August 9, 2007: I received a short note today from JB with three links to the 26 second Zapruder film which you can view on-line with your computer. And, since these code books have to pass through 17 hands before getting on board the bombers, it seems likely that this may be a conspiracy. All he did is go to work at the Texas Book Depository where he had been set up as the fall guy. When I mailed ad copy to sell copies of my radio interview on "Sound Off" on our local KPRL to "The Spotlight" newspaper along with a check prepaying the ad for 5 weeks, they never got it and my check never cleared the bank. by going one more frame forward, to Frame 314: The Zapruder film is Given what we see in the Zapruder film, it is hard to say if the fatal . {ED Note: The Manlicer Carcano rifle abounded in Illuminati symbolism because it costs $23.00 and recycles in 2.3 seconds - "23" is one of their Big Time numbers. C.L. The 1963 Zapruder film, taken by Abraham Zapruder, is derived from the six-foot strip of celluloid contained in the U.S. National Archives, scientifically processed. Another phone call I got as a result of my letter to the editor was from a woman in her 80's who lived in Cayucos who I met on a number of occasions for coffee. They had obtained a good copy of the Zapruder film from the same source in Canada that Elvis Presley had obtained one from. Topics Zapruder, Film, Frames, JFK, Kennedy, Oswald. var sc_project=2085797; Frame 313 of Zapruder film is extremely graphic. Using his home-movie camera loaded with. I will publish on this web page a detailed narrative of much little-known information that will make the case for Greer shooting JFK in a way that as not been previously accomplished. The head shot by Greer occurs in Zapruder frame 313. Newcomb was one the the earliest researchers to view the Zapruder film. But the other, the doctor reported, entered the President's throat from the front and then lodged in his body. The shot from the knoll, to his left temporal lobe, caused him to move leftward and that is the shot that knocked him over in the seat. i.e. Secret Service agents William Greer and Roy Kellerman were questioned as suspects by the FBI even before Oswald was arrested. You can also see something William Cooper accused Robert Groden of being a government disinfo agent and gatekeeper. "I . Cropped high-resolution digital Zapruder Film Frames 313-316 showing initial "backward lurch" of President Kennedy along with the distribution of ejected material in the wake of the projectile . New information and experts cover current updates on the saga that shocked America and changed history as we still have no answers to the truth. Thank you for your understanding, The products made of high quality stainless steel material. JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo - 50th anniversary. You can see the entry hole just above his ear Although there was no sound, the Zapruder film allowed investigators and researchers to establish the interval between gunshots. before and just after the impact of the shot: (These are modern copies of Technical issues aside, its still shocking to watch this video, which is the most infamous home movie ever created. A millisecond following Kennedy's head burst shot, Greer begins to withdraw the gun towards his left side. Anyone who has seen the Zapruder film knows that Kennedy first grabs his throat and then is slammed violently backward by a shot from the front. Mr. Newcomb felt his book made the case for the limousine driver shooting JFK so well that he sent copies of the book to the 1975 Congress and Senate because he felt he would be guilty of "obstruction of justtice" if he did not do so. The blood burst "halo" effect seen for only 1/18 of a second on ONE frame of Zapruder was added artificially by government film retouching artists (as was the phony looking "skin flap") to give the impression that the bullet entered the BACK of Kennedy's head and exited out the FRONT. Letters| Sodom-LGBT Exp'd | 21 Illuminati Goals|Strawman Explained | Daily Blog | | Hydrogen Peroxide | Protocols of Zion | Eric Jon Phelps Exposed After that he put a condition that the Frame 313 will not be made public. Ken blob, completely disagreed with the descriptions of the head wound given by FRAME 313 This is the Zapruder film synchronized with the dicta belt recording from the motorcycle officer who left his microphone open by mistake. Their book, entitled "Murder From Within," carries a 1975 copyright and makes such a strong case that it reads like an indictment. Those who claim the head shot came from the Book Depository have to explain the entry hole above his right ear and the large exit hole out the top of his head. The bullet did not exit out the front anywhere below the hairline. In summary, Dino Bruglioni appears to have gotten the unaltered original Zapruder film on Saturday night. He said the shots came from behind him, "up on the mall," or "up on the knoll." ED NOTE: Often while I was chatting with Amy in the back parking lot behind DaVincis, I would notice single helicopters hovering just behind the auto body shop behind our restaurant. which exposed his right temple to the front of the car. handle reflection between the Kennedys and the Connallys). Thank you for reading and stay connected with my website as I will continue to bring stories on more iconic photographs for you. He also put a condition that the amount he was making from selling the film would not be disclosed to the public. The doctored version removed critical frames and fudged other frames of the Zapruder film. The bright orange burst of blood spray we see in the Zapruder film does not appear on the Muchmore and the Nix films. In the same Nov. 29, 1963 statement, Emory P Roberts adds the following: "It is estimated that we were traveling about 20-25 miles an hour at the time of the shooting, and it is believed that the follow-up car was approximately. This page may contain sensitive or adult content that's not for everyone. 12:29 p.m. - Geneva Hine, the only employee in the TSBD second floor notices electrical power and phones go dead. the position of JFKs head compared to fixed parts of the limousine (like the It shows the moment when the bullet hit the President and exploded his head. Zapruder was a democrat and an admirer of JFK. The names of the Secret Service agents who were following JFK's limo are listed below in a statement made by the Secret Service Agent in Charge, Emory P. Roberts on Nov. 29. On March 12, 1992, I interviewed one Fred Newcomb, who researched, along with co-author Perry Adams, a book entitled "Murder from Within," 1975 derived from original research done in Dallas in 1968 when the memories of witnesses were still fresh. When I tried to mail the manuscript of my OP-ED article to Fred Newcomb for approval of the text, he never got it. Hugh Betzner - Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound "like firecrackers going off in the car. I showed him my copy of "Dallas Revisited" and some stills I made of frames 312 and 313 of the Zapruder film from a high quality broadcast video. Overhead view of the Presidential limousine, Nov. 22, 1963, We know from frame 312 of the Zapruder film that just after President Kennedy had been hit in the throat he turned at the last second to his left almost facing Jackie. workshop to rent surrey, zengo supported countries, cotton candy clouds bath and body works scent notes,

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